USAG job opening with Wallesz’s departure

8 Aug

Executive Director / Secretary JOB OPENING with United Southeast Alaska Gillnetters, a regional non-profit fishing trade association. Part-time, works from home office, some travel.

Description:  The Executive Director/Secretary for United Southeast Alaska Gillnetters (USAG) works for a board of directors. The mission of USAG is to serve, protect and enhance the gillnet fleet of Southeast Alaska. Job responsibilities: administration of organization; membership retention, growth and support; board member and meeting support; develop and execute annual budget; supervise bookkeeper and webmaster; oversee vessel insurance program; monitor and respond to a wide range of commercial fishing related issues (e.g. Legislation, Board of Fisheries, mining and forest activity, Coast Guard regulations, federal subsistence). Some in-state travel: Board of Fisheries (10 days, triennial); umbrella fishing organization (bi-annual); and fishery task force/annual board meeting. Works with other commercial fishing associations, the gillnet fleet, elected officials and more.

Requirements:  Strong writing, speaking, and analytical skills needed with the ability to communicate with a wide range of fishermen, other organizations, and officials. Professionally represent USAG in various settings. Needs to be able to search the web for news and regulatory changes, and provide relevant news to board and membership. Intermediate knowledge with computers, word processing, spreadsheets and basic technology is required. Work from home and is available via email and phone. Resident of Southeast Alaska preferred. Apply with resume and letter to by September 6, 5 pm.

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Dear USAG Members and others:
With this job announcement comes my notice to resign as Executive Director of USAG, effective October 19. It has been my pleasure to serve you and an honor to represent the gillnetters of southeast Alaska. In this job I have been able to interact with many of you –thank you for sharing your stories and concerns. I’ve spoken with people in all levels of government including local, state, federal and even British Columbia, about those concerns.

This job role also allowed me to be a board member of United Fishermen of Alaska where my knowledge of our industry and its challenges in places other than southeast expanded greatly. I’m proud of the relations I helped bridge with other groups groups and am happy to have been responsive to many issues, sometimes sudden issues, affecting our fishery. Thank you for the opportunity.

As I focus more on my consulting and direct marketing businesses, and USAG looks for a new person to serve as its sole staff, I hope you will continue to support the organization’s efforts with your membership and attention. The time and dedication of the board members is no short of astounding and the issues before our fleet seems to grow each year.

Thank you all for your encouragement and support the past 3 plus years. Cheers to USAG and its bright future! Now it’s time to get to back to work.
–Cynthia Wallesz

Executive Director
United Southeast Alaska Gillnetters
PO Box 2196
Petersburg, AK 99833
(208) 995-7400 (cell)
ph: (253) 237-3099 Google Voice