About Us

United Southeast Alaska Gillnetters Association (USAG) is a member-based organization representing the Southeast Alaska Gillnet Fishery.

The mission of United Southeast Alaska Gillnetters Association is to protect, serve and enhance southeast Alaska’s salmon gillnet fleet.

To do this, we work within all political and developmental areas affecting the fishermen and the gillnet fisheries within Southeast Alaska including the US Canada Treaty process, the Alaska Board of Fisheries process, United Fishermen of Alaska, the gillnet task force, the regional and non-regional hatchery systems, the Joint Regional Planning Team committee, the enhanced allocation process, and the state administrative and legislative processes. USAG is actively represented on important panels, political boards and hatchery boards. USAG’s goals and interests rest soley with the SE Alaska gillnet fishery and its fishermen so there are no internal conflicts with other gear groups and other areas.

USAG’s board of directors represent many SE Alaska communities, reflecting the gillnet fishermen it supports, including fishermen from the lower 48. The Board sets internal policy for USAG and decides organizational action and political stance with long-term sustainability and long-term solutions in mind. USAG’s part-time Executive Director, Max Worhatch, handles correspondence, front line representation, information distribution, membership, capital and administrative lobbying, and day-to-day operations. Max and the organization can be reached by phone at (253) 237-3099 via Google Voice or by email at usag.alaska @ gmail.com. Feel free to contact any member of USAG’s Board of Directors or Staff with questions, comments and concerns.

USAG Bylaws

Bylaws of the United Southeast Alaska Gillnetter’s Assocation can be found at the link below:

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