Comprehensive Insurance Program for Members

As part of the continuous effort to offer exceptional value to our membership, USAG is proud to offer a specifically tailored fleet insurance program. USAG member policies include extra coverages and fleet ratings with profit sharing. USAG’s insurance fleet is managed by USAG & Sea-Mountain Insurance. Sea-Mountain Insurance has been offering insurance to Southeast fishermen for over 25 years. Linda & Caitlin from Sea-Mountain have been taking care of USAG insurance fleet members for many years now.

  • Coverage available: Hull and Machinery (H&M), Protection and Indemnity (P&I), Crew coverage, Maintenance & Cure (M&C), and extended seasonal coverage.
  • Surveys are needed every six years and the insurance carrier will continue to reimburse members for their survey fees if they have been in the USAG program long enough
  • Excess Collision Liability/RDC
  • Private Pleasure Use – year around
  • Theft, Malicious Mischief and Vandalism
  • 50 mile radius Trailering Coverage
  • Medical Payments up to $2,500
  • Personal Effects coverage for crew members up to $2,500
  • Maintenance & Cure coverage for vessel owners and immediate family members costinghalf as much as crew and can be added for two week increments to months at a time. This covers a per diem amount between $25 and $35 a day for incidentals while recovering from injury or illness and pays to get the person to maximum medical cure (MMC.) (NEW)
  • Eight summer months of operational coverage included in the base rate (NEW)
  • Renewal Continuity Credit (Profit Sharing)

Should you desire a quotation for your vessel, please contact Sea-Mountain Insurance.

  • Linda James, Account Executive & Agent,, 425.200.0024
  • Caitlin Leady, Account Executive & Agent,, 425.200.0023
  • Daren Hopper, Principal & Broker,, 425.245.5434

19630 – 76th Avenue West, Lynnwood, WA 98036
Toll Free: 800.553.3624, Fax: 425.774.4177

How to join the insurance program:

  1. Join USAG. You must keep your membership dues current each year to stay eligible for the program.   Click here for Fleet Membership Form.
  1. Fill out an Application and Fishing History form and fax, email or mail it to Sea-Mountain Insurance.
  2. Then call Linda James or Caitlin Leady with Sea-Mountain and get a quote for your vessel insurance needs.
  3. Do a cost analysis to see what is best for you.
  4. Contact your local USAG board member to do a walk through inspection. A local board member or the executive director must take a brief look at your vessel to ensure we are not adding a hazard or extreme risk to the other program members. If you are not immediately eligible to fully join the USAG profit share program, you will be placed in the “side” fleet and your application will be re-evaluated after a year.

Additional USAG Policy: Vessels are required to have a working smoke detector, bilge alarm and automatic stove shutoff valve and are encouraged to have a current Coast Guard Fishing Vessel Safety Exam sticker.