Halibut Coalition Seeking Donations

24 Oct

Dear Halibut Fishermen,

We expect Judge Collyer to rule in the next month on the halibut charter lawsuit.  If she rules in favor of effective management of the charter fleet, this case will establish an important precedent.  We are optimistic, but have been thorough in defending your investments.  As a result, the legal bills are substantial and the Halibut Coalition has run out of resources.  And yet we must see this case through and start preparing for publication and possible litigation of the catch share plan regulations, which will establish a more long-term frame-work for halibut charter management.

In short, there is much work to be done, all of your hard earned investments in quota share at stake, and no resources left to pay the bills.  Please take a minute today to send a contribution to the Halibut Coalition. And when you write the check or donate on line, think about the value of the halibut resource to you — and give as much as you can afford.  Then talk to other halibut fishermen and encourage them to contribute.  EVERYONE should do their part — vessel owners, deckhands and quota holders and processors — or we will all loose.

You can send a check to:

Halibut Coalition
PO Box 22073
Juneau, AK  99802-2073

or use a credit card by filling out the form at this link and mailing it in.


Thank you.  Your contribution is essential and greatly appreciated.

Linda Behnken
(Chair, Halibut Coalition)