Prices, Promotion, Mines and More

18 Jun

Prices and Numbers. High prices for Bristol Bay sockeye (Copper River Seafood posted $1.25 if slushed or RSW and bled) are encouraging yet according to researchers, “despite some positive developments, fishermen should have tempered expectations about sockeye market conditions heading into the 2016 season,”

ADF&G’s Blue Sheet from yesterday for SE Salmon

Our season is starting everywhere! Here’s a nice story about getting ready in Haines featuring Tim Hannon.

ASMI. Latest ASMI Marketing update includes new website, international expansion and more.

B.C. Mines. B.C. Government mining processes are getting more transparent!

Red Chris Mine. Red Chris Development Company Ltd. is proposing project design changes associated with the south dam and water management of the tailings management facility. The B.C. government is taking public testimony on the proposed change from June 24-July 8.

Tulsequah Chief mine. Its waste is still not being cleaned up and serves as a point of concerns as Alaskans consider B.C.’s inability to deal with it.

Alaskans meet with high-ranking Canadian officials in Ottawa to discuss transboundary waters concerns and take them to an international level.

Train the trainer. Marine Safety Instructor Training in Sitka from Sept 19-24 with AMSEA (Alaska Marine Safety Education Association).

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