Salmon and Transboundary

7 May

Transboundary. If Constantine Metals is successful in its intentions to raise $10 million Canadian via Electrum Strategic Opportunities Fund, Electrum will have a stake in Palmer, a zinc- and copper-rich volcanogenic massive sulfide deposit in Southeast Alaska.

Last month, the U.S. State Department met with Global Affairs Canada and we were happy to see transboundary waters (including Alaska and B.C.) on the agenda but not much has been released about the meeting.

In the FY2018 Omnibus Appropriations Bill, Senator Murkowski helped secure $120 thousand for transboundary river stream gages, including for Unuk River, and directs the USGS to enter into a formal partnership with local tribes and other agencies to help develop a water quality strategy for transboundary rivers.

Salmon. This article states: “The notion that there can be too many salmon in the sea might seem preposterous, especially given how many people love to eat them, but according to a new study, there is a record-level abundance of certain species of North Pacific salmon, and it may be contributing to a troubling trend: depleting stocks of other salmon species, especially the prized Chinook salmon.”

If you are in Sitka on May 21, this king salmon symposium hosted by Fish and Game looks interesting: More here.

The Federal Subsistence Board announced on Monday it will be closing its Chinook salmon subsistence fishery in the Stikine River this year due to low expected returns. More here.

In an attempt to save king salmon, a local advisory committee considered asking Klukwan subsistence fishermen to pull their nets out of the Chilkat River during the peak of the Chinook run. Instead of official action, however, the request will come from individual members.

GE Salmon. AquaBounty has been granted approval to raise its genetically engineered AquAdvantage strain of salmon at a facility in Indiana.

The State of Alaska is working to officially oppose AquaBounty’s GE Salmon as seen in HJR 12, which passed the House and Senate and is waiting transmittal to the Governor.

Murkowski said the fight against “Frankenfish” is not over and she would continue to push for clear labeling of the product if it is to enter into the U.S. marketplace and for proper oversight.

Education. If you are a student interested in fish culture, hatchery management, or Pacific salmon enhancement, here’s a way to round out your studies with a field-based program in beautiful Sitka, Alaska! The semester of intensive experiential learning is from January 14 – May 3 for the Salmon Culture Semester program, run through the University of Alaska Southeast’s Fisheries Technology program.

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