Vote, Meetings, Members and More

29 Oct

Vote and be heard! On or before November 8. Members pick your state for more info: AlaskaWashingtonOregonCalifornia; and even MontanaUtahFlorida and Hawaii.

Senate Candidates Square off in Kodiak talking mostly about fish earlier this month.

Nominations. At-large Southern seat nominations close November 1. A “Call for Nominations” postcard was mailed September 23 to current fleet members. For questions and/or to nominate, or mail USAG, Box 2196, Petersburg, AK 99833.

Meetings. Do you have fishery management issues? If so, let us know in early Nov so it can be discussed at Gillnet Task Force, held on Nov 29 in Juneau. Taku River sockeye is on the agenda. USAG Annual Meetingis the day before in Juneau, Monday Nov 28, the whole day.  All members are VERY welcome. The day after Task Force is Regional Planning TeamNov 30, another interesting way to learn about the salmon management processes.

Business Members. Many of our business members recently received renewal notices. Show them you appreciate their financial contributions to USAG by buying their products and services! They support us so please support them. Here’s a list.

Transboundary. B.C Government being sued for Aug 2014 Mt Polley damn breach.
KSM Mine near Ketchikan and Wrangell is getting a major overhaul including a reduced environmental footprint and waste generation as the project moves part of its operations to block cave operations versus open pit.
Transboundary article in Bloomberg is good overview.

Alaska budget. Earlier this month, United Fishermen of Alaska (USAG is a member) decided to work with processors to come up with some kind of fish tax proposal to assist the Alaska budget debate. Here’s a story about it; stay tuned for results.

Sockeye harvest. Hope you caught your share of the 2nd largest harvest in about 20 years.

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