Insurance Changes

7 Mar

Griffin MacLean, the marine insurance for many of our fishermen has become North Star Insurance Services. The new office for North Star is now located at fishermen’s terminal in Seattle providing an ideal location for fishermen living or traveling to and from Seattle.

USAG fishermen, who have had marine insurance with Griffin MacLean, have been moved to North Star Insurance under a contract agreement with the former partners of Griffin MacLean. The new insurance company will be a very PRO- commercial fisherman oriented company and looks to increase profit sharing opportunities for the USAG Insurance fleet. All losses from 2010 have been fully settled. USAG Insurance fleet had multiple claims in 2009, which have been fully settled. In 2010, only one significant claim was filed and has already been settled and paid. All insurance contracts, under the old company, will be honored for losses by North Star until contracts are renewed.

We are excited about the new company. We believe claims will be settled faster and paid more quickly. We are also hopeful about creating additional profit sharing opportunities not available with Griffin MacLean.

If you have any questions, please call John or Linda with North Star or call our office directly.

North Star Insurance Services, LLC.
4055 – 21st Avenue West, Suite 202
Seattle, WA  98199
Phone (206) 285-4655