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26 Apr

Transboundary. A lot going on, especially as Canada gets ready for another election. Check out this series on B.C. mining from Canada’s CBC. Here’s the first story and here’s story #2.

This interesting news story from Vancouver News discusses Tulsequah Chief mine. It starts at 11:09 after you view a couple short ads.

DeSmog Canada is also running a news series about B.C. mining. This first one compares mining practices in BC and Alaska.

Transparency-shamsparency as B.C. rejects request for an inquiry into their mining practices.

And a 124 page document from the Expert Panel mandated by Canadian’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change to review federal environmental assessment processes. It is titled, ‘Canadian Government Expert Panel Report Building Common Ground: A New Vision for Impact Assessment in Canada’ and can be found here.
Canadians continue to pursue charges for the Mount Polley mine disaster. Here’s one article and here’s another.

King salmon. Skimpy king salmon numbers will reduce fishing time for all. Here’s the Fish and Game press release and news article.

And a story from a recent Advisory Committee meeting in Haines with USAG Board member Will Prisciandaro.

Board of Fisheries. At the latest Statewide section of Board of Fish, RC019 was voted in for this season. The NEW regulation says, “the commissioner may establish maximum gillnet mesh size of six inches from the fourth Saturday in June to the fourth Saturday in July” and that it now includes District 6 (along with 8, 11, 15). USAG wrote an opposition letter for this but it passed.

Congratulations to John Jensen (USAG wrote a support letter) for being reappointed to the Board of Fisheries…well almost! Names are still moving through the legislature. Here’s a story.

Legislature. Congrats and thank you to Clay Bezenek (USAG member) for being reappointed to theFishermen’s Fund Advisory and Appeals Board.

House Bill 188, Commercial Fishing Trusts will be heard this Thursday in the House Fisheries Committee at 10am. Click HERE to listen live. USAG submitted a letter opposing this bill.

House Bill 129 and Senate Bill 60 include the ability to double fines for fishing violations. USAG submitted letters opposing both of these bills.

House Joint Resolution 9 transboundary, has passed and is now in House Rules. USAG supports this bill.

HB115, Income Tax & PFD, was amended on 4/3 in House Finance Committee.  Amendment #2 removed withholding requirements for all independent contractors such as fishermen, so the issue of withholding pay to commercial fishing crew has been eliminated from the bill –yahoo!

House Joint Resolution 12, Opposing GE Salmon, passed the House and is now in Senate Resources. USAG wrote a support letter.

Representative Don Young unveils Young Fishermen’s Development Act, H.R.2079, – “to preserve United States fishing heritage through a national program dedicated to training and assisting the next generation of commercial fishermen”.

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