Marketing, Prices, Old nets and more

12 Jun

Legislature: The Governor and Commissioners announced potential affects if the legislature cannot find a budget solution by July 1. Here’s more and here’s more about how Fish and Game could react(not good).

Marketing and Prices. The Seafood Market Bulletin, published twice a year by ASMI, offers salmon values by region and other interesting tidbits. Here’s part what the report says about coho: Harvests are projected to increase in 2017, from a harvest of 3.9 million fish to 4.7 million. Coho prices are highly sensitive to prices for competing species, such as sockeye and farmed Atlantic/coho salmon. Prices are expected to be stable to up this year, given a tight farmed salmon market and increasing sockeye prices. Exports account for approximately 75 percent of coho sales, so a stronger U.S. dollar or a larger than expected sockeye harvest could limit price appreciation. Here’s a story about it and here’s a link to the Bulletin.

Bristol Bay’s regional seafood development group puts out a sockeye market report before each season. The latest shows that a lower sockeye forecast (a 23 % reduction is expected state-wide even though our runs have good predictions), high farmed salmon prices, and growing demand in the U.S. market are expected to result in higher sockeye prices in 2017 (!). Wholesale sockeye prices could jump significantly higher in 2017, particularly if early sockeye fisheries perform poorly. Processors are expected to prioritize fillets and H&G products over cans this season. Fresh sales are also expected to remain a point of emphasis, given lower forecasts in Copper River and Bristol Bay. Read the whole report and others.

Copper River salmon sales good, prices are now lower.

King Salmon: The spring season for commercial salmon trolling in Southeast Alaska is shutting down Monday, May 29 except for a few areas near hatchery salmon release sites. The spring season began in May and was to run through the end of June. However, poor returns of king salmon are prompting the closure. Older but important news story.

Transboundary: Interesting summary of some mining sector reform efforts currently underway in B.C.

The Lt Governor’s office held a public meeting in Juneau May 25 to show presentations and ask for comments on the draft implementation plan for the Statement of Cooperation between Alaska and B.C. Comments for this are due at the end of this month –USAG will submit comments and you can too.

Other. The Indian Environmental General Assistance Program (IGAP) offices in Wrangell and Petersburg are sending several container loads of old gillnets this week to a Seattle-area processor for reuse.

USAG. Business to business –Support businesses that support you! Find the full list of USAG business members here on our website or in the recently mailed paper newsletter. To renew or join USAG click here. Or here to learn more about our popular insurance program.

Have an excellent, Safe season!

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