Run-over Net Course of Action

18 Jul

The following is a suggested course of action in case your net gets run over while fishing.


1. Talk with the vessel’s captain who damaged your net if possible. Tell him or her that you will fix it and send them an invoice for damages. Exchange contact information.

2. Fix your net and finish the opening if possible.

3. Send an invoice for your supplies (net, twine) and time (a reasonable dollar per hour). You could include lost fishing time. Be reasonable with the invoice and bill only what needs fixed.

4. Follow up if necessary to get paid.

5. In extreme cases, you may wish to file a report (Report of Marine Casualty) with the Coast Guard:

Be especially aware of all vessels in high traffic areas, especially in Districts 6, 11 and 15. Monitor channel 16. Here’s a link to the 2015 tracklines:


-Cynthia Wallesz

Cynthia Wallesz
Executive Director
United Southeast Alaska Gillnetters
PO Box 2196
Petersburg, AK 99833