Transboundary meeting, F&G announcements and more

8 Aug

Last Thursday, I attended the Transboundary Partner Dialogue meeting in Juneau with Lt Governor Byron Mallott and roughly 65 representatives around southeast. It seemed folks were pretty much on the same page with USAG’s key concerns of habitat/water-shed protection, the need for continual testing (of both single mines and cumulative mines) and lasting protection, and transparency. Perhaps the debate and where folks weren’t clear was how to communicate with Canada, what our avenues to do so are including the International Joint Commision (IJC), bond possibilities, who should pay for things (mining companies at least in part if not all). The meeting was to help the Lt Governor work with Canadian officials later this month and in the future, along with Alaskans, to ensure the continued safety of our watersheds. USAG will continue working on this. Here’s a brief article about the day:

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