Transboundary petition, Prices, Legislature

20 Feb

Transboundary. We just signed this petition to Canadian officials that demands they enforce their Fisheries Act and hold Imperial Metals to account for the Mt. Polley mining disaster. You can sign on too.
Five Southeast Alaskan legislators signed a letter to Gov. Bill Walker and Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott on acid mine drainage from the Tulsequah Chief mine on the Tulsequah River, which flows into the Taku River.

Prices/Marketing. New report from Alaska’s Department of Revenue show Sept-Dec 2016 Alaska Salmon Price Report.

Legislature. Here’s the link for all the Juneau action! We’ve submitted a support letter for HB 56 “An Act relating to limitations on certain commercial fishing loans made by the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development” and oppose HB 88 “An Act relating to the composition of the Board of Fisheries”. We are watching HB 87, HB107, budget discussions and more. To learn about a specific bill, including when and how to add your opinions, go to the link above and put the bill number (hb88) into the search box.

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-Cynthia Wallesz

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