Year in Review

5 Jan

2016 Year in Reviews. Here’s one from the Juneau Empire focusing on politics and news; and two fish-focused reviews, one and two.

USAG Year in Review. Thanks to our members, USAG had another productive year serving, protecting and enhancing Southeast’s gillnet fleet. Some highlights:

  • We wrote 29 letters/correspondence last year including two published articles on transboundary waters, letters regarding specific legislative bills, support letters for beneficial projects, and letters to the Governor to protect CFEC, which led to in-person meetings with Governor Walker!
  • We gained 7 new members (four business members and 3 fleet) and recovered 15 members that had lapsed on their dues!
  • USAG Board members spent tons of time on regional hatchery boards advocating for us.
  •  Last year’s e-newsletters I sent showed that your top five topics of interest (based on number of clicks) are: business links, prices, legislature, whale pinger rebate and transboundary/mining.

Transboundary/Mining. Southeast Alaskans ask Canada to strengthen its environmental laws.
Innovations in mining could one day lead to mines without giant holes in the ground.

Alaska Budget. Story including ADF&G budget cuts as proposed by the Governor Dec 15, 2016.

Whales. One study of Gulf of Maine humpbacks estimated that up to two-thirds had been entangled at some point. More than 300,000 whales and dolphins a year die from entanglements, the International Whaling Commission said in citing a recent report. This article also reports humpback whale populations booming.

Thanks again for a great year!
Cynthia Wallesz

Executive Director
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